Enjoying the Holidays When You Live Alone

  1. Let friends know you’re around. If you’re staying home for the holidays, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to spend them alone. In fact, friends who are staying in your area will probably be glad to see you over the holidays. Give them a phone call or reach out through another method of correspondence beforehand.
    • Say something like, “Hey! I just wanted to mention that I’m not traveling for the upcoming holiday, so I’ll be around. If anything fun is going on or you’d like to get together, let me know.”
  2. Plan an activity and invite others. Be proactive and plan a social activity. You can model it around whichever holiday people may be celebrating, or simply take advantage of the free time to do something you and your friends enjoy. The specifics are up to you – go on a hike, hit an art museum, or invite friends to play basketball.
    • Be sure to invite folks ahead of time so they can plan to attend.
    • If you just moved to an area or if you don’t know many people near you, you could use the internet to organize a meeting.
  3. Reach out to far-away loved ones. Even though you may not be able to see loved ones if you’re home for a holiday, you can still share the holiday spirit with them by getting in touch. Especially if you know a family gathering is happening elsewhere, give them a call during the festivities and have everyone pass the phone around.[
    • If letters are more your speed, sitting down to write loved ones is another great way to share the holiday spirit.